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Herbal Fragrance Mists

2 oz bottle

Herbal Mist


    Herbal Mists.

    2 oz bottle.

    Our all natural herbal fragrance mists are made with 100% pure essential oils and hydrosols. Blended in a base that makes a fine mist that can be used as a ritual spray, body spray, pillow spray or Air freshener.


  • Fragrance info

    Vampire Money (aka Prosperity) New! - Cool/spicy - Uplifting, clarity, rejuvenating. Money & Luck drawing. (Clove, Peppermint, Sage, Cinnamon)

    Harmony - Herbal, sweet. Smudging. (Sage, sweetgrass)
    Wolf Moon - Spicy, hint of bitter citrus (neroli, clove, ginger, cinnamon)
    Bloody Kisses - Spicy, sweet/floral (bergamot, neroli, lavender, ylang ylang, cinnamon)
    Love you to Death - Floral, ambrosial, sensual (lotus, jasmine, sandalwood, lavender, rose)
    Haunted - Earthy, spicy, slightly sweet (sandalwood, clove, cedarwood, patchouli)
    Witchy - Sweet, spicy, sensual (ylang ylang, jasmine, cinnamon, anise)
    Sweet Dreams - Floral, sweet (lavender, vanilla)

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