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Instructions & Fabrics for Heat Pillows

Filled with Organic Flax seeds and organic or wildcrafted fragrant herbs, warming them in the microwave provides a gentle, soothing heat and calming aroma to anywhere you put them.

They help aid in many physical and mental issues such as, headaches, sinuses, migraines, insomnia, stress, tension, cramps, joint pain, stiffness, muscle aches, other aches & pains and more.

Flax Seed is 40% oil, which never dries out and can be warmed over and over.
Other pillows are filled with grains which are mostly water and will not retain heat as the water cooks out of the grains.

Flax Seed is an herbal flower seed, not a food product, so they will not cook and develop a food like odor.

Flax seed filled heated Herb Pillows provides a soothing, Moist Heat which promotes healing.
The Herbs that are mixed with the flax seeds provide a calming aromatherapy. The fragrance is mild and strengthens when you heat it. The moist heat of the flaxseeds help the herbs keep their freshness and fragrance for a long time.

We do Not use essential oils, which could be irritating to the skin. We use dried organic herbs, which give a nice, mild, aroma-therapeutic fragrance when heated.

Flaxseed Pillows may also be chilled for a soft and soothing cold pack. Cool a sunburn, fever, hot flashes or inflammation.


Use a microwave to heat the pillows. Other forms of heating such as crock pots and wrapping in a heating pad may work but the microwave is what we recommend. Place in center of microwave so pillow never touches wall of microwave and the pillow is able to turn. Be sure the microwave plate is cleaned of food and grease. Place on a paper plate to protect it from any residue getting on it. Microwaves go from 500W-1400W , so be cautious to not overheat your Flax pillow.
Start at the lowest time and add 30 seconds more until desired temperature.
Never heat for more than 2 minutes at a time.

Heating times vary according to sizes.

Mini: 3/12" x 7 1/2" - heat approx. 30 secs - 1 minute

Small: 4" x 10" - heat approx. 1 - 1 1/2 minutes

Medium: 6" x 12" - heat approx. 1 1/2 - 2 minutes

Large: 9" x 13" - heat approx. 1 1/2 - 2 minutes

Moon: 28" (approx.) - heat approx. 1 - 2 minutes

Herbal Critters: 4" x 12" - heat approx. 30 secs - 1 1/2 minutes

* Store your pillow in a cool dry place, preferably in a zipper bag.

* Follow the warming instructions very carefully so you do not over-warm or get burned.

* Reduce time for Powerful Microwaves (800 watt and above).

* Do Not heat for more than 2 minutes at a time.

* When re-heating a pillow that is still warm, only warm it for 30 seconds at a time.

* When chilling your pillow in the freezer, protect from moisture by placing in a zippered plastic bag.

* If you get a stain on your pillow using Shout stain wipes may help remove it.

* Do Not put in washing machine!

Aromatherapy properties:


Breathe Blend - A blend of Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and Sage. (see properties of each below)

Dream blend - A blend of Lavender, chamomile and rosemary. (see properties of each below)

Pain relief blend - A blend of Lemon grass, Lemon balm, and Lemon Verbena. (see properties of each below)

Eucalyptus - Fresh, camphor-like scent, slightly minty.
Breaks up congestion. Great for sinuses, allergies, colds and flu.
Helps relieve mental fatigue, Improves mental clarity and alertness, Sharpens the senses. Uplifting, energizing scent. Use it for times when you needs to focus or clear the head.
Relieves pain and sore muscles. Reduces inflammation. Stimulates circulation.

Peppermint: - Cool Mint scent
aides breathing, clears congestion, great for sinuses, allergies, colds, is energizing, clears mental fatigue, calms nausea, eases headaches.

Sage: - Earthy herbal scent
Grounding, helps with breathing, opens airways, helps for dealing with fears, calming, releasing emotions, mentally strengthening, clears negativity.

Lavender - Herbal Floral fragrance.
Mood uplifting. Balances mood swings. Helps ease anger, anxiety, nervousness, stress, tension.
Promotes restful sleep and helps with insomnia. Encourages stillness and tranquility. Lessens aches and pains. Helps headaches, joint aches and relaxes tight muscles.

Chamomile - Apple-like scent.
Calming. Mood lifting. Promotes restful sleep. Reduces stress and tension.
Lessens pain. Reduces inflammation. Healing to the skin.

Rosemary - Mildly Pine-like scent.
Helps relieve mental fatigue. Improves mental clarity, alertness, memory.Mood uplifting. Sharpens the senses.
Relaxes tight muscles. Improves digestion.

Lemon Balm - Mild lemony herbal scent.
Reduces stress and anxiety, promotes sleep, calms nerves, helps depression, soothes restlessness, relieves headaches.

Lemon Grass - Scent of Lemon tinged with ginger.
Tranquilizing, headaches, soothing, calming, Anti-depressant, soothes aches and pains, and relieves stress.

Lemon Verbena: - Fresh Lemon scent
Eases tension, cramps, emotional stress, anxiety, is soothing, and calming.


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